You have successfully stumbled upon a collection of international mishaps and mistakes! I mean, what is the fun of travelling if you don’t come back with those crazy stories to tell anyone and everyone you know?


My goal here is to inspire YOU to take a risk, take a chance and do things that seem absolutely absurd (like walking through an entire city in 40 degree weatherΒ  just for some noodles?) and to really make the most of your travelling! Not only that but useful tips and tricks to maintain YOUR well being while you are on the road!

Other bloggers have been such an inspiration and help when I am abroad to know the best things to do, see and eat that I feel guilty in not sharing my own experiences as well!

And who am I, you ask?


Well firstly, I am human, no need to stress about that!

But, more to the point, I am a twenty-something who has discovered the world beyond her own culture and LOVES to explore! Earlier this year, I realised that I had been to so many amazing places and seen so many incredible things, but I had not written anything down!

And with a memory like mine, those finer details, those things I really appreciate in the moment, may not last.

SO WELCOME! To a hopeful collection of my travels and most likely, my mistakes. I hope you find some fun and inspiration to visit weird and wonderful places worldwide, and don’t be scared to take a risk and potentially have a Kathroundabout experience of your own!

Majority of what you will find here is a collection of my NUMEROUS mistakes I make while overseas (like, wandering in to Compton on Accident?).

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